An Overview Of Palm Tree Removal Facts In Fort Lauderdale

An Overview Of Palm Tree Removal Facts In Fort Lauderdale

There are dozens of reasons why Fort Lauderdale is an amazing place to visit or relocate to. If you love sunshine, you won’t have any shortage of supply of Vitamin D in Fort Lauderdale. Did you know the city enjoys 3000 hours of sunshine every year? Now that’s something, isn’t it? But then again, something really amazing happened way back on the 19th of January 1977. There was snow in Fort Lauderdale! History was made that day.

Snowfall in Fort Lauderdale is out of the norm, and an interruption of the usual weather patterns. In the same way, palm trees are beautiful and add a special touch to any landscaping project. However, sometimes it is necessary to remove a palm tree. This post will explore palm tree removal in detail.

Lack of space is a reason for palm tree removal

An Overview Of Palm Tree Removal Facts In Fort Lauderdale

Many homeowners will think of palm tree removal in circumstances where it is absolutely necessary. For example, where the tree is storm damaged. However, there are reasons for palm tree removal which often don’t appear on many homeowners’ lists of reasons. Here is one of them:

Even if your palm tree isn’t unhealthy at the moment, you also need to think about its future. Palm trees are capable of growing very tall and taking up a lot of space in your yard, and if they have good quality soil and sufficient water, light, and nutrients, they’ll continue growing naturally over time.

This can be a great process to watch, but the tree actually needs room to grow into. Otherwise, it could cause issues. So you need to take a look around and above your palm tree and ensure that there is actually space for it to carry on growing safely and without any issues. Read more at Cacti Landscapes

It’s not easy, but you’re always better off safe than sorry.

You don’t need herbicides for palm tree removal

An Overview Of Palm Tree Removal Facts In Fort Lauderdale

Yes, it may be difficult to part with this majestic tree in your yard. But, there are many circumstances where this is absolutely necessary. They may be in bad health or dried up and need to be removed. You don’t have to get all worked up about it because herbicides are not the only way to get rid of palm trees:

Palm trees are popularly used in landscaping for their exotic look and tropical feeling.

They thrive well in warm tropical climates and are perfect for creating that “island feel” in your home.

If you live in areas where palm trees thrive, you may occasionally have to think about getting rid of an unwanted palm tree.

The most efficient and easiest way of getting rid of a palm tree is through cutting it down or uprooting it.

You don’t need to kill the tree with herbicides. Read more at Bovees

For the environmentally-conscious individual, this is very good news, right?

You can remove a palm tree by hand

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There’s even more good news for you. If your palm tree carries sentimental value for you, but you have to remove it, there’s some consolation for you. You can have a good send-off for your palm tree by removing it by hand.

The most cost-effective (yet time-consuming) way is to remove the stump by digging up the roots and stump yourself.

Smaller palms with shallow root systems are much easier and will usually only require a shovel and a pick. For bigger trees and more complex root systems, you may need an electric shovel. (Although on some occasions, very large palm stumps can be impossible to remove even with an electric shovel.)

Start by slicing around the base of the stump to cut off surface roots. As you dig further down, level the stump out of the ground with the shovel or a crowbar. To retain as much of the root system as you can, moisten the soil before digging. Read more at Tallow Tree Services

Well, this can be therapeutic for you and you would get to remove your palm tree with the TLC it deserves.

On the other hand, if you need an expert to take care of your palm tree removal project, we’ve got you! At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we offer you excellent tree services, including palm tree removal. Go ahead and call us today for the best deal in town!

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