Brandon’s First Time On A Paving Job | No Edge Lines Season 1 Episode 1

Brandon Noel is the editor for Asphalt Contractor Magazine and Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine where he writes about and covers the industry. There’s just one problem: He’s never been on an asphalt crew before. To fix this, he’s visiting real-life contractors all across the country, joining their crew for a few days, and doing his best to learn all about the day-to-day work itself.

This is the first episode, and he visits with a crew in Islip, NY, called Royal Pavement Solutions led by Kenny Roy and Peter Pappas. The two day visit was on a mobile home park, milling and filling all the local traffic roads. It features milling, paving, and compaction. Most notably, Brandon’s first time operating a paver, much less, his first time being on one at all!

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