Improving contractor management programs and creating safer, more sustainable workplaces

ISN, the global leader in contractor and supplier information management, released its Orange Book – 2023 Edition: The Bold Work of the Future. The bi-annual publication uses data-driven analytics and industry leader insights to share examples of how best-in-class companies are improving workplace safety. 

As companies continue to rely on large, widespread networks of contractors and suppliers, one of the most pressing issues facing senior executives today is transparency in supply chains. Organizations across industries now must ensure not only they, but their entire supply chain, adhere to the highest standards in health and safety, sustainability, labor laws and cybersecurity or risk exposure to significant levels of financial, legal and reputational risk. This volume of ISN’s Orange Book provides organizations with actionable insights and use cases from top industry leaders that showcase how to create long-lasting improvements to contractor and supplier management programs. 

“At ISN, we’re passionate about enabling our customers to do the bold work of the future that will ultimately result in safer and more sustainable workplaces,” said Brian Callahan, President and Chief Operating Officer at ISN. “While we look toward the future, it is vital for organizations to reflect on and assess past performance in order to establish a baseline and create goals. With the Orange Book, we give an inside look at real-life examples to help businesses on their own journeys of building a culture of safety and managing risk across their supply chains.”  

Through an analysis of leading indicators and other proprietary, historical data, along with case studies from leading Hiring Client organizations, the Orange Book provides a roadmap for companies to assess, improve and elevate their performance:  

  • Assess Performance: Industry leaders use data-driven self-assessment tools as powerful resources to bridge the gap between the current state of their contractor management practices and where they should be.  
  • Improve Performance: Top performing organizations use data, feedback and lessons learned to continually improve. They also offer unique, easy ways for their workforces to improve worker-readiness and increase knowledge prior to site entry with the help of digital tools like mobile learning management system (LMS) applications.  
  • Elevate Future Performance: Leading organizations elevate their performance through focused and deliberate action, including measuring performance improvements, reinforcing best practices across the workforce, continually gathering and analyzing data-driven insights, and proactively monitoring changes in the industry and regulatory environment.  

“At American Water, we hold our contractors to the highest safety standards possible while continuously improving our contractor management strategy. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in The Orange Book and share our best practices with others, helping improve workplace safety for all,” said Lynda Dimenna, Chief Environmental and Safety Officer at American Water.

To learn more about these case studies and other examples of how leading companies are improving workplace safety, download a copy of The Orange Book here. For more information on ISN’s industry-leading software and services, see here.

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