Palm Tree Diseases That Could Damage Your Palms And Lead To Tree Removal

Palm Tree Diseases That Could Damage Your Palms And Lead To Tree Removal

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Lack of sunshine would deprive your body of the much-needed nutrients it needs to be healthy. Can you imagine what would happen to plants and trees in Hollywood if they had no sunshine to enjoy? They’d die. Yet, there are other threats that could harm your palm trees. This post will look at some palm tree diseases and what to do in case you need to remove them.

Lethal Bronzing Disease

Palm Tree Diseases That Could Damage Your Palms And Lead To Tree Removal

This is the most dreaded palm tree disease in Florida. It can destroy thousands of palms if it runs wild. You would do well to keep an eye out for this one.

Lethal bronzing disease (LBD), formerly known as Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, is a devastating disease of palm trees. As the name suggests, lethal bronzing is fatal to about 19 palm species, many of which are common in the Collier County landscape. The disease is believed to have originated in Jamaica and was first documented in Florida in 2006 in the Hillsborough County area. Homeowners might remember a related disease, lethal yellowing, a bacterium that was notorious for destroying tens of thousands of beautiful coconut trees across South Florida. LBD may pose an even bigger threat. The list of palms that may be susceptible to LBD is significant — and growing — as new research expands our understanding of this terrible disease. Some of its victims are prolific in our region’s landscape and iconic to Florida. These include Florida’s state tree, the sabal palm, and the queen palm. Read more at Naples Garden

Unfortunately, if your palm tree contracts this disease, you may be forced to get rid of it altogether.

Ganoderma Root and Butt Rot

Palm Tree Diseases That Could Damage Your Palms And Lead To Tree Removal

This is yet another palm disease that seems to be of little effect because the tree still looks like it has life. However, you shouldn’t be fooled. The trunk may be hollow inside and the roots may experience decaying.

This disease is caused by the fungus Ganoderma zonatum, which can infect many types of palms. The first symptom of infection is withering and drooping of older fronds. Fronds collapse and droop parallel to the trunk. New growth is stunted and is pale green or yellow. The head of the infected palm may fall off or the trunk collapse. Depending on the point of invasion, the roots may be severely decayed.

Outer trunk tissues may seem solid, but affected palms have a hollow sound when tapped. Areas of dark brown tissue are evident when the trunk is dissected. Over time, conks (spore-producing structures of this fungus) may form. Palm death can take three to four years, depending on the tree’s age and environmental conditions. Read more at Clemson

This disease also has devastating effects on palm trees and needs immediate attention.

Leaf spots, False smut & Bud rot

Palm Tree Diseases That Could Damage Your Palms And Lead To Tree Removal

These ones are less dangerous palm tree diseases as they can be dealt with if the right treatment is given to them. But here are some details that could help you identify what you’re dealing with.

Leaf spots are usually small brown circles or elongated patches on the palm leaves. They are often caused by fungi and in most cases won’t kill the tree. If the damage they cause is severe, however, a fungicide application by a professional service may be necessary.

False smut is also called Graphiola leaf spot because it is caused by graphiola phoenicis fungi. It affects Canary Island date palms and other palms in the Aceraceae family. The disease can often be prevented by improving air circulation around the leaves and preventing irrigation from striking the palm fronds.

Bud rot causes the palm’s spear leaf and the next youngest leaf to wilt and become discolored. When the palm canopy is above eye level, the first indications of bud root may be a lack of new leaves and an open-topped crown. The most common bud rot pathogens in Florida are Phytophthora palmivora and Thielaviopsis paradoxa. Read more at Nozzle Nolen

To be safe, you may want to call in an arborist to inspect your palm tree and ensure that everything is in good condition.

In the event that you need palm tree removal services in Hollywood, EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is here for you. We make use of the latest technology to ensure safe palm tree removal for a healthier and thriving yard. Call us today!

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