Situations That Necessitate Emergency Tree Removal in Hollywood, FL

Situations That Necessitate Emergency Tree Removal in Hollywood, FL

In most cases, emergencies are not welcome events. They have a way of unsettling you and calling for action that was unplanned. But there are scenarios where they can be a welcome interruption of the usual schedule. Say, for example, during the summer months in Hollywood, FL, a sudden downpour begins. You need not worry because you can still have a good time in one of the indoor arts and culture centers like the AH-TAH-THI-KI museum or the Hollywood Art Museum.

On the other hand, you may be required to carry out an emergency tree removal for one reason or the other. As much as you value and treasure your trees, you may have to do what is necessary for the well-being of your home and yard. This post will explore some reasons for emergency tree removal.

Weather Damage

Situations That Necessitate Emergency Tree Removal in Hollywood, FL

There are some seasons when the elements can be rough and unforgiving. Summer storms or winter blizzards can be harmful to trees. Here are some events that could lead to tree damage and eventual removal.

Whether in winter or summer, storms can take a toll on trees in your yard. Strong winds, rain, lightning, and heavy snow and ice are common causes of damage to trees and their branches. And in the worst cases, these fallen trees and branches can damage your car, home, garage, and property.

Here are the most common causes of weather damage to trees that will require emergency tree removal:

Strong winds from wind storms, rainstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are the most common causes of tree damage. Wind can uproot a tree from the soil or twist a tree. And if the tree is weak, the trunk can snap, causing the tree to die or fall.
Heavy rain and flooding can wash away sediment, exposing the tree’s roots, weakening the roots’ anchor, and causing the tree to fall over.
Heavy snowfall and ice buildup can cause branches to break off. Or, in worse cases, the tree can split or collapse under this heavy weight.
Lightning strikes can boil water in the tree’s cells, peel off the bark, and burn the wood and roots of a tree. Lightning can also slice off tree branches, split trees in half, and cause trees to explode. Read more at Green Thumb

Tree Position and Decline

Situations That Necessitate Emergency Tree Removal in Hollywood, FL

The place where your tree stands can become problematic as it grows if it causes obstruction, for example. Also, if the tree’s health deteriorates, you may need an expert’s help in getting the right assessment and recommendation on what to do next.

Large leaning trees. If a tree is within close proximity to your home, and is leaning towards your house, this is a no brainer. It should be looked at by an arborist. If you see any mounding around the base of the trunk (behind the trunk or lean) this is the first sign. If there is any cracking in the earth in that same area, this is also a sign to remove that tree right away.

Dieback in the canopy. If a tree has any tip dieback in the tops of the branches, then that is a sign of root issue and tree decline. Most tree issues are underground in the root system, where you cannot see, but this is a sign of issues down under. There are specific things to look for to determine if there are apparent root issues. Read more at JLTree Service

Unusual Tree Characteristics

Situations That Necessitate Emergency Tree Removal in Hollywood, FL

If you are passionate about trees, you probably can tell a healthy one from a diseased one. But if you don’t have the experience in caring for trees, you may not be aware of the signs of tree failure. Here are some of them:

Cavities in Trunk

If you notice any cavity or hollow area in the trunk of any tree around your home or in your yard, it might be a case of structural damage. This is especially true in the case of mature trees, often indicating a decay in the structure and eventually death. So, if you happen to notice any cavity in the tree trunk and if the bark around it is withered, please know it is time to call the professionals and remove the tree.

Exposed Roots

Months of overlooking, especially after numerous natural calamities, often uproot the trees halfway through, which causes the entire structure to lean on one side. In such a scenario, it is better to call professionals for a survey. Furthermore, often you find trees with roots approaching the neighbor’s house. This might damage the building structure, and hence, is a tell-tale sign for early tree removal. Read more at Good Guys Tree Service

If for any of these reasons, you find yourself in need of emergency tree removal services, worry not. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we offer the residents of Hollywood, FL, and its environs top-range tree care services. Our emergency tree removal services are available at the touch of a button. Go ahead and call us today for the best services in town.

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