The Advice You Need Before You Remove Your Palm Tree this Year

The Advice You Need Before You Remove Your Palm Tree this Year

Deerfield Beach got its name from the presence of many deer in its vicinity. While this can be termed as its former glory, there are several reasons why it is still a place to consider visiting. First off, it’s a family-friendly recreational site. Your children can build sandcastles on the beach, while the rest enjoy body surfing in the waters of the Atlantic. You’ll also have a great lunch in one of the waterfront restaurants at the beach. There’s so much to look forward to.

In the same way, if for any reason you are contemplating palm tree removal, here is a helpful set of tips.

Be Sure of the Reasons

The Advice You Need Before You Remove Your Palm Tree this Year

Palm trees are low-maintenance additions to your yard that also bring a tropical vibe to your property. They can keep your home looking great for a long time. So, you may want to be double sure why you must remove your palm tree. The following post explains more on this:

Palm trees can commonly suffer from diseases like leaf spots, for example, in which fungi attach and begin growing on the leaves, leading to the appearance of spots. Other diseases can lead to wart-like structures appearing on the leaves, collapsing and withering fronds, pale yellow leaves, and even collapsing trunks…

When dead tree branches begin to occur, it’s usually an indicator that the health of the tree has already suffered a lot and declined a great deal. As explained above, it may still be possible to save the tree, but removing a palm tree with dead branches might be the best course of action if the tree’s health has deteriorated to a certain degree…Read more at Cacti Landscape

Some other reasons to remove your palm tree include the risk of damage to property, lack of room for tree growth and the presence of cracks in the trunk.

Be Careful

Tree removal in Pembroke Pines being completed by arborist at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

Removing a mature palm tree is a risky job. The sheer height of the tree is quite a challenge to deal with. You’ll need to ensure whoever is taking down the tree has the right gear to prevent any accidents or incidences from coming up.

If you’re trying to remove a large palm tree, safety should be your number one priority. A large tree can cause massive damage to property and can injure people when falling if the felling is not properly planned and executed. Hiring a professional is definitely the safest route, particularly if your palm tree is close to buildings, power lines or other trees you don’t wish to remove.

You should always remove as much excess growth as possible before beginning your palm felling. You should also plan and clear two escape paths to ensure you don’t get trapped. You can then make your back cut and undercut using a chain saw. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate safety gear too. You should wear a hard hat, safety gloves, and eye and ear protection whenever you’re operating a chain saw. Read more at Hunker

There are cases of palm tree care gone bad. You sure wouldn’t want to be part of the unfortunate cases.

Be Aware of Palm Tree Stump Issues

The Advice You Need Before You Remove Your Palm Tree this Year

Bringing down the tree is not the end of the story. You’ll have a stump to deal with. Depending on the age of your palm tree, your stump will have varying characteristics.

The look of a palm tree would immediately give anyone a tropical vibe. These tropical trees have a hundred thin roots that only expand in length and not in size like other trees.

So the older the palm tree the deeper the roots grow. It may take a while to reach the root ball since the hair-like branches of roots may get in the way.

Roots of young palm trees are shallow and can be easily removed by hand. However, old palm trees may take hours or even days to remove.

So, if you have the old ones, brace yourself for a day of physical labor, or let’s just say a workout. Read more at Our Garden Works

Whether you’re removing the palm tree as a DIY project, or getting professional help, you need to also factor in the tree stump.

You don’t need to struggle with any part of the palm tree removal procedure. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we have a team of skilled tree experts ready to take on your palm tree job. You’ll have a carefree experience and we’ll be more than glad to help you. Call us today!

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