The Myths And Facts About Tree Pruning To Guide Your Lawn Care Plans

The Myths And Facts About Tree Pruning To Guide Your Lawn Care Plans

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Speaking of time, there are certain periods of time that are more appropriate for doing some things than others. For example, tree pruning is best done during certain months of the year and not others. When do you think is the best time for tree pruning? Discover some of the myths and facts about tree pruning so that you benefit most from it.

The Wrong Time

The Myths And Facts About Tree Pruning To Guide Your Lawn Care Plans

As the wise men said, “Strike whilst the iron is hot,” so is there an appropriate time to do everything in life. For example, installing a tree, relocating, or trimming it, is best done at certain times of the year rather than others. This helps it to settle well into the new environment and avoid complications that may lead to premature death. If you’re planning to prune your tree, be sure, there’s a wrong time to do it. You should avoid it by all means. Find out what time that is in the following post:

For some reason, many people believe tree pruning in the fall is the perfect time of year, especially where four seasons are present. The bright leaves begin falling, and some large limbs look a little iffy. But that assumption could damage your precious trees or even kill them even mature trees.

“The fall is not the time to learn how to prune. Trees are preparing for dormancy then, and it’s taking all the good stuff out of its leaves to store,” says Tchukki Andersen, staff arborist for Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) in Manchester, N.H. The organization offers training and resources for tree care companies.

If you just go willy nilly and start cutting tree branches, you aren’t going to see success, the arborist states. If there isn’t an absolute reason to do prune trees in the fall, then don’t. Save your tree care pruning when the tree is actively growing in the early spring or completely dormant in the winter months. Read more at LawnStarter

Stick to the early springtime or winter for great tree pruning results.

The Best Time

Palm Tree Trimming

As we have already seen, winter is a good time to prune most, if not all, trees. That’s because there are certain characteristics that are evident in the tree during the colder dormant months.

“Winter dormancy is the best time to prune most trees. It can be easier to spot the deadwood when leaves aren’t present, and it’s less stressful on the tree,” Chris says. “Regular pruning helps take control of new growth, improving both the tree’s form and function.”

The one exception is flowering ornamental trees like cherry, magnolia, crabapple and others. To maximize future flower displays, trees should be pruned in spring after the current year’s flowers begin to fade, and before new leaves emerge.

“Any dead, diseased or rubbing branches you spot at any time of year are cause for immediate concern — if they’re hitting your house, for example — they can be pruned at any time of year,” Chris says. Read more at Victoria News

It’s critical to note that you also shouldn’t postpone tree pruning where a tree emergency is concerned. At that point, pruning is not optional, it is mandatory.

What Qualifies The Best Time?

The Myths And Facts About Tree Pruning To Guide Your Lawn Care Plans

If winter is a great time to prune your trees, what makes it such a favorable season? What environmental factors make winter just right for pruning? What changes happen within the tree making it easier to prune at that time of the year? Find out in the following post:

How Does Tree Dormancy work?

Trees typically enter dormancy to manage water levels during freezing temperatures, just like hibernation. Everything within them slows down, including growth, metabolism, and energy consumption. Here are two ways plants prepare themselves:

Some plants store water inside their cells and reduce the freezing point of the water by mixing it with hormones or minerals. This process is called supercooling.
Some trees may push liquids and water into the space between the cells, allowing the water to freeze without damaging them. Read more at DreamWorks Tree Services

Some of the trees that do well with winter pruning include the Oak, Spruce, Juniper, Apple, and Cherry trees, among others. However, you can be sure that some trees are an exception to this rule, so you also need to know what trees you’re handling.

Nevertheless, if you are planning to have a stress-free tree pruning experience, you may want to consider working with professionals. The good news is that at Pembroke Pines, you don’t need to look too hard to find excellent tree pruning services. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has the expertise and experience you need for an impeccable tree pruning job. We will see to it that your trees thrive and your lawn looks healthy and great. Call us today!

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