These Tips Will Help You Plan For Your Tree Trimming Project

These Tips Will Help You Plan For Your Tree Trimming Project

Have you been to the Anne Kolb Nature Center? The center opened up in 1996 and has been running since then. The nature center is located on 1,501 acres of land and offers a variety of activities that will spice up your life. These include biking, jogging, or walking on specified paths, enjoying the picnic area, boat riding, and taking in the amazing sights along the superb nature trail.

The outstanding characteristic of the trees in this center is that they are rugged and wild-looking. They look great because they’re in their natural environment. But you should not let this rugged look define the trees in your home. You can invest in tree trimming to bring beauty and creativity to your home. Here are some tips about tree trimming.

How much of your tree’s canopy will be removed?

These Tips Will Help You Plan For Your Tree Trimming Project

The tree canopy shows off the glory that your tree carries. But with a healthy tree, your canopy can be overgrown and needs some good trimming. When trimming it, you need to be strategic, meaning you don’t remove all the branches that your tree carries. The rule of the thumb is that you should not remove more than 15% of your canopy.

If your trees have become overgrown, chances are that you’ll need to reduce their size or density in steps instead of all at once.

A general rule of thumb is that you should remove no more than 15-25% of a tree’s crown at one time, depending on the tree’s species, age, and health.

A very overgrown or neglected tree may need structural pruning to remove major branches, and crown reduction to reduce overgrown lateral branches. You should have this work done in steps, over time, to reduce stress and minimize damage.

When you remove branches from a tree, you’re reducing the volume of leaves that your tree relies on to produce food energy. Trees regulate their growth according to the energy stores they have, so a gradual reduction of branches and leaves is the best way to ensure your tree’s overall health. Read more from GreenVistava…

What is Deadwooding?

These Tips Will Help You Plan For Your Tree Trimming Project

Deadwooding is the art of removing dead and decaying branches from your tree. It is done to enhance the safety of those who play or pass under the tree such that the branch won’t fall under them. You can also do this to increase your home aesthetics and to increase the health of your tree.

Just as the name suggests, it is an activity that is done to remove any dead or decaying branches on the shrub. When doing deadwooding you have to make sure that you focus on either dead, dying, or decaying parts of the trees that can affect their health.

Since this type of pruning is meant to improve the growth and health of the trees, you have to do regular pruning to keep them safe and healthy. It is a simple process especially done on shrubs and other short plants. You can use your hand or simple tools to prune. Read more from Go Tree Quotes…

What is the Cost of Tree trimming?

These Tips Will Help You Plan For Your Tree Trimming Project

Different tree trimming companies will charge you different prices when it comes to tree services. While nationally the average price has been found to be $460, the price may vary in your area due to many factors such as taxes, but even then you should get super services. Below you will see many of the factors that will help determine how much you will be charged for your trees.

Many factors go into determining the cost of trimming a tree. While the national average is about $460, prices can vary. Tree size is probably the most significant aspect in determining price, although its type, health, and location also figure into the equation. Additional services, such as fertilization, cleanup, tree and/or tree stump removal, will add to the cost.

Additionally, access to the tree can impact the cost of trimming: If a crew can’t get its bucket truck or lift platform close to the tree, manually climbing the tree will be more expensive—as much as 25 to 50 percent more. Trimming roots, fertilizing, or treating an unhealthy tree also adds to the cost. An unhealthy tree can be unstable, requiring additional safety precautions to be taken during trimming. Working around obstacles, such as a fence, a building, or other plantings, can also complicate the process. Read more from Bobvila…

The advantage of modern-day life is that there is no scarcity of service providers in all home-based projects. This saves you from the stress associated with most home tasks. You can always call a tree trimming company from the comfort of home and be assured they’ll handle the task. As EPS Landscaping and Tree Services, we have established trust with our customers you only need to call us and we will be there for you right away!

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