Tips For A Successful Tree Planting Experience In Pembroke Pines

Tips For A Successful Tree Planting Experience In Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines, FL is the ultimate definition of a fine city. It is the holder of several awards such as the “All-America City.” If you want to visit or settle in a town that is committed to the arts and culture, has amazing schools, a lifestyle that is suitable for all ages and cultures, and which has a host of great places to visit, then consider Pembroke Pines.

One of the simplest ways to improve the quality of life in a given place is by planting trees. They are natural environment boosters. You can also transform your newly acquired home or retirement home by installing trees. This post will help you think through this project.

Determine Your Reasons For Planting Trees

Tips For A Successful Tree Planting Experience In Pembroke Pines

It goes without saying that there are numerous benefits of planting trees. This post doesn’t have enough space to highlight all of them. But for you, what is your main reason for planting trees? If you’re clear about the reason, you will narrow down your tree options and planting strategies.

Planting trees is a noble endeavor, no matter what the reason. One of the great features of trees is that they aren’t selfish with their outputs; they give away their benefits beyond their location! They produce oxygen we all get to breathe. They pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that may have been produced on the other side of the globe. They filter the water that ends up downstream, perhaps ending up coming out of someone else’s faucet. So, by all means, go forth and plant trees!

But when it comes to our home landscapes, or the community spaces we share with our neighbors, we probably have more specific reasons in mind. Often, adding beauty to our landscape is our primary motivation — the form of the tree. Other times, it’s the tree’s function that drives us: we want to create a screen from the neighbors, we want to create shade that lowers our energy bills, or we want to block winter winds. The great news is that with a little planning, we can maximize both form and function when picking a new tree and choosing a planting site. Read more at Arbor Day Blog

Think Strategically

Tips For A Successful Tree Planting Experience In Pembroke Pines

After you are sure what reason(s) could be motivating you, be smart about your next moves. For example, you could choose a tree that achieves more than one objective. That way, you will have more value from your trees.

Choose high-quality trees with good structure. Like any good investment, spending a little extra cash up front on a tree of superior quality will likely pay off in the long run.
Think ahead. Don’t plant trees that grow large beneath power lines, close to your house, or in other potentially hazardous sites. If your home features solar panels, be sure any trees you plant will not block them.
Give trees adequate rooting space, with no obstructions. Sturdy trees have straight main roots. Curbs, foundations, and sidewalks all act as barriers to roots, making them turn and twist. A tree with twisted roots will not be as stable as one with strong, straight roots. Read more at Gardening Solutions

Know The Appropriate Tree Planting Steps

Tips For A Successful Tree Planting Experience In Pembroke Pines

Finally, you wouldn’t want to plant your precious hand-picked tree and then lose it altogether. So, you need to know how best to plant your tree. Depending on how you buy your tree seedling, and the type of tree you choose, care should be taken to ensure it survives in the new environment.

Trees may be bought container-grown, root-balled (with the roots wrapped in hessian or netting) or in bare-root form (with no soil around the roots), they can also be bought in different sizes and at varying stages of maturity, from seedlings to semi-mature. Generally speaking, the younger the tree the more easily it will establish.

If planting a deciduous tree, many gardeners recommend bare-root specimens as they are cheaper, better quality and ‘take off more quickly than pot grown as roots are in direct contact with the soil,’ says gardening expert Leigh Clapp.

There is also often greater variety, they are easy to handle and they are more environmentally friendly as they do not have plastic pots. Deciduous trees and evergreens of 12ft (4m) tall are usually bought in root-balled form. While they create immediate impact in a garden, larger trees are usually more expensive.

Before buying a tree do your research, as different trees are best bought in different forms. Read more at Homes and Gardens

Whatever you do, your aim is to have a successful yard with healthy trees. The good news is that there are tree care experts who are ready to help you get your yard up and running. At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, we have perfected the art of tree installation. You need not worry about this because we’ve got you! Call us today for the best services in Pembroke Pines.

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