What Do You Need To Know About Tree Stumps?

What Do You Need To Know About Tree Stumps?

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But every good thing comes to an end; a holiday trip, refreshing ice cream, or a swim in summer. And so too, a big tree may need to be cut down for one reason or the other. How then do you deal with the tree stump?

They’re not easy to remove

What Do You Need To Know About Tree Stumps?

If you cut down a tree, you’ll have to also consider what should be done to the tree stump. Should you convert it to an outdoor table or chair? You could. But if you need to use the space for other things, then you may want to consider stump removal. But then again, it isn’t a cup of tea…

I appreciate that it might seem like something that anyone can do, after all, we’ve all seen someone in the movies picking up an axe and felling a tree with a few masterful strokes – then again, thanks to Hollywood, we’ve also seen a gun-toting racoon flying a space ship and a blue genie who grants you wishes, and each of these is about as far removed from reality as the next.

Felling a tree and stump removal will actually require:

A qualified arborist to determine whether, when and how to do this.

A team of qualified tree surgeons to remove a tree piece by piece to minimise disruption and damage to the surrounding area and property.

All the right equipment maintained to the correct standards.

A stump grinder of the appropriate scale for your tree and the means to get it to the tree and back again.

Years of experience to ensure that nobody gets injured along the way. Read more at Thor’s Trees

Things aren’t always what they seem…

The Inefficient Options

What Do You Need To Know About Tree Stumps?

Well, with all those considerations for stump removal, you may also be tempted to think that all you need to do is wait it out and the stump will slowly go away. Well, that’s true, but that may be a very long wait!

If you prefer to go au naturel, a tree stump will rot and disappear in anything from seven to 1000 years depending on the size and type of tree. It is a rather long wait if you have plans to landscape your garden in the next couple of years.

Some professionals may recommend chemical decomposition. More often than not it is considered too slow to be efficient.

The more feisty amongst us may decide to torch the tree stump and go out with a bang. This is not feasible as the ground moisture around the stump makes burning difficult. The fact that the stump is so deep in the ground that oxygen basically runs out and starves the fire even before it could go very deep. Read more at Atreem

Even using boiling water to kill the root system may require a long time before the stump is completely removed.

Digging it out

What Do You Need To Know About Tree Stumps?

One of the critical facts to remember about tree stump removal is that there is a root system to worry about. How do you ensure that no residue is left behind?

Digging out a tree stump is one way to remove it from your yard, but it can require time-consuming work that can be potentially destructive to your yard or garden. This method allows you to remove as many tree roots as possible and ensure that the stump doesn’t continue to grow. To save time and effort, consider hiring a professional with digging equipment to handle the job.

Here’s how to dig a tree stump out of the ground:

Dig around the stump, exposing as many roots as possible.

Use a chainsaw, hatchet, or handsaw to cut the larger roots. As you continue digging, you may find smaller roots that can be cut with clippers or loppers.

Once you’ve cut all of the roots around the stump, lift and remove the stump from the ground.

Fill the hole with dirt and cover it with topsoil or mulch.

Note: This process can take multiple hours of labor, depending on the size of the tree stump and the root structure. Read more at This Old House

Well, your best bet is to work with the professionals for an efficient stump removal procedure.

You can also consider professional stump grinding and removal services as you look around for the best way to get rid of your tree stump. At EPS Landscaping and Tree Services, we offer trustworthy and efficient services to our clients at unbeatable prices. Call us today!

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