What You Should Know About Insurance For Tree Emergency Services

What You Should Know About Insurance For Tree Emergency Services

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In this post, you will be learning about Insurance in relation to emergency tree services and how you can adopt some practices that will enhance your home safety.

To start off, did you know that waterlogged soils put your trees at risk of falling?

Why are waterlogged soils dangerous?

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When your soil is waterlogged, your trees are more likely to fall when faced with strong winds compared to those in well-drained soils. The danger of waterlogged soil is that it limits the oxygen flow for the tree thus weakening it. Your roots are also more likely to rot in such soils.

In strong winds, tree roots are more likely to break free from wet soil than drier soil. In arboriculture, such events are called windthrow.

A root system may become waterlogged when landscaping alters drainage around trees, or when house foundations disrupt underground water movement. This can be overcome by improving soil drainage with pipes or surface contouring that redirects water away from trees.

You can also encourage a tree’s root growth by mulching around the tree under the “dripline” – the outer edge of the canopy from which water drips to the ground. Applying a mixed-particle-size organic mulch to a depth of 75-100 millimetres will help keep the soil friable, aerated and moist. But bear in mind, mulch can be a fire risk in some conditions.

Root systems can also become waterlogged after heavy rain. Read more from the Conversation…

Insurance is a hot topic when it comes to property damage. In this case, you will learn what you should do with emergency tree services.

How is the damaged structure insured?

What You Should Know About Insurance For Tree Emergency Services

Before calling your insurer when your property is damaged due to a tree fall or anything related to trees in your compound remember what kind of insurance you have. Your insurance plans will determine if you will get compensated or not. This is because your insurer will take into account what parts of your home you have insured.

Another important consideration has to do with how the various structures on your property are covered. Remember, not every structure or building on your property is necessarily covered the same way. For example, your house may be insured against certain perils that your tool shed is not. The specific perils a structure is insured against depends on how the structures are classified, and whether or not they are considered to be part of dwelling (the house), an “other structure,” or an “outbuilding.”

Both “other structures” and “outbuildings” are terms that refer to property other than the dwelling itself (your house). Other structures might be insured against some of the same perils as your dwelling, but might require an additional premium for “other structure” coverage. Outbuildings might be required to be scheduled separately, and may not have the same perils covered. Read more from Germania Insurance…

When the accident happens, what should I watch out for?

What You Should Know About Insurance For Tree Emergency Services

So let’s say you have insurance that covers the areas that have been damaged, you should now start documenting everything for evidence purposes. Take as many pictures as possible and even better, take videos. And when people come to repair any part of the house, please don’t forget the receipts and any paperwork that might act as evidence for your claim.

Take photos or a video of the damage—both outdoors and indoors—as soon as all immediate danger has passed. Remain on the ground and let a roofing professional take pictures of the roof. Document broken windows, damaged siding, structural damage, and damage to the contents of your home. Don’t leave anything out; the pictures you take now are vital as evidence for your insurance claim. Read more from Bobvilla…

However, when you sense a tree is about to cause damage to your home and you want it cleared from your property, call  EPS Landscaping and Tree Services. We are experts in emergency tree removal cases. You can call us today for your emergency tree removal needs and any other landscaping needs.

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